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Can we also subsidize commuter passes like some of the other state agencies do?

Kathy Byington (vice president of administration and finance): We do have a subsidized commuter pass program—there are about 400 employees who use it. It is not subsidized to the degree that the state program is. Yes, we are continuing to look at all of that subsidy, as well as the...
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How can the University be supportive of our use of public transportation? Are we thinking creatively of supporting solutions like the rabbit bus from York, Pa.?

We are represented in the discussions related to the proposed Baltimore Red Line. We are also members of the Maryland Transportation Alliance, which is an organization of large employers that has as its mission to increase the use and comfort of public transportation. Yes, we are at the table of...
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What can be done about making the Light Rail and Metro more accessible to the campus community?

Our campus is very engaged in conversation about the subway stop to serve the campus. It is a very political issue. Light rail—I don’t know the answer. We would love to get the MTA to put the stops closer or ON the campus. Right now that does not seem to...
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I’ve gone to several buildings on campus and found they don’t have any place to lock up a bike. How can we be more bike-friendly?

With gas prices going up again, we think there will be more bikers and those seeking alternate transportation. We’ve been trying to steer bikes into garages where they can be secured; we’ve had some problems of theft with the outside racks. We’ve just put the bike cage in the Pratt...
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