I believe the campus currently has two facilities staff available on off-hours and weekends for dealing with problems with approximately 40 campus buildings. Do you think this is sufficient staffing and, if not, are there any plans to beef up staffing and resources here?

While we try to keep at least two facilities staff on campus at all times, the reality is that with vacations and illness, on many days we are down to one person on a shift at night and weekends. We recognize this as a vulnerability and are working with campus...
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How is it that there are salary increases for faculty and not staff?

Our University is operating under a single set of guidelines for compensation of faculty and staff as issued by the system and in compliance with current state law. And those guidelines no matter who it is do not allow an increase in the employee's total salary except in case of...
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Can HR take on a detailed study and a publicity campaign of which of our own health professionals are available for treatment to UMB faculty and staff? Specifically can't we get a list on a website of experts who are available for us for everything from diabetes counseling in the School of Pharmacy to dental care?

The campus recently opened an Immediate Care Center at 408 W. Lombard St., which provides health services exclusively to UMB, UPI, and UMMS employees from 7 a.m. to 5 p.m. weekdays. We also have work life strategies, which are part of Human Resources services. They offer lunchtime workshops on nutrition...
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Should staff development be highlighted or stressed within the daily work environment?

Of course. What I have learned in finding the answer to this question is that we have an E-learning mechanism on campus where staff can further enhance their background with these two- to four-hour modules. I care very much about retaining staff. One of the best mechanisms for retaining them...
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Will you be publicizing the "mandatory" status of PDP evaluations, and how will this be enforced (what consequences will there be for supervisors who do not comply)? Also, have you considered allowing staff to review their supervisors' performance?

I feel very strongly and it's probably the reason I use the word mandatory that everyone needs feedback. I firmly believe that the people who work here want to do the best job possible. For that to happen they need feedback from their supervisors. Not a once a year process...
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