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What are your thoughts and hopes for the SON and nursing as a profession to contribute and participate in your plans to do more interprofessional and intercollaborative work? Nurses do almost all of their work as part of interdisciplinary teams.

I’m very happy for that question. Let me start with a positive statement first —I’ve formed an advisory group on moving the interprofessional agenda forward. And I’m happy to say that chairing that group, most appropriately, will be a nurse, Patricia Morton, I think it’s good to have a nurse...
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Do you agree that faculty should have a role in evaluating deans, associate deans, assistant deans, and department chairs (as recommended in AAUP guidelines)? In the past 8 years, SON faculty have not had the opportunity to review school leadership.

There is a policy in the University that deans should be evaluated every five years—not just within the AAUP guidelines—called a summative review. It looks like we’ve fallen behind. I have asked Dr. Orlin [vice president for academic affairs] to review the status of decanal reviews. I strongly feel that...
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Do you have a plan for facilitating interdisciplinary collaboration among the professional schools? I have been trying to set up a research collaboration between SOM and SON for five years without success. I am about ready to give up.

We have a great institution. The schools are all great, yes, but how much better could we be if we worked together? For instance, with a problem like childhood obesity, we can have researchers investigating it from a molecular level all the way to legal scholars pursuing legislation and everything...
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