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The School of Pharmacy utilizes Mediasite to enable students to view lectures online. That has resulted in few students actually attending the classes. Has this been a problem in other schools on campus? What are your views about this "problem"?

Our School of Dentistry was the first school to use Mediasite lecture technology three years ago. Initially, there were similar concerns from some faculty who weren’t comfortable being taped, and they were afraid that students wouldn’t attend classes. The concern about fewer students physically attending some classes proved to be...
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What if anything is being done with the equipment in the old Dental School? This surplus equipment could be donated to Haiti's dental school. Also, if you would like to make a difference in the unnecessary suffering of others all over the world with no effort on your part check out www.medshare.org.

Once the Dental School had identified the equipment in the old building, it was treated as surplus by the Office of Procurement and sold. It is my understanding that there no longer exists any surplus. About 10 dental units were donated to the Health Department by the former president.
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What are your views on the School of Pharmacy's use of Mediasite to enable students to view lectures online (resulting in few students actually attending their classes)? Is this a problem in other UMB schools?

Initially, when the Dental School began using Mediasite lecture campus technology three years ago, as the first UM school to do so, there was some excitement about the capabilities of this technology as well as trepidation and concerns from faculty. The initial concerns from some faculty were that they weren’t...
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