How is it that there are salary increases for faculty and not staff?

Our University is operating under a single set of guidelines for compensation of faculty and staff as issued by the system and in compliance with current state law. And those guidelines no matter who it is do not allow an increase in the employee's total salary except in case of...
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Would you consider looking at changes to the parking rates based on salary?

Currently, our seven garages require a significant amount of maintenance/upkeep with more than $22 million scheduled for the future. Our program also currently has approximately $20 million in debt service outstanding. Given these two facts, a salary-based parking rate structure would be hard to implement and be fair to all....
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Can you address the subject of retention for staff, regarding the compensation issue?

We do not want to lose our staff! The issues—the productivity of the campus, the reputation of the campus—are relevant for staff as well as faculty. We are in discussions with the system to see if staff retention solutions can be intensified.
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After three years of furloughs and no pay raises, the staff as a whole needs something to show them that they have value to the institution. Please comment.

This is what I was trying to say when I began my remarks at the staff lunch last week. I know that the lunch is no replacement whatsoever for being compensated appropriately, for dealing with the cost of living. If there are ideas—short of money, until we are authorized the...
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Can you address the communications (anonymous and non-anonymous) you've received from staff members at the School of Nursing and other schools regarding discriminatory practices relating to salary and promotion?

I am committed to fair treatment and the identification and elimination of illegal employment practices. I am also committed to giving every employee opportunity to seek career advances. The types of issues raised by the anonymous complaints are important ones. But the information I have received is not sufficient for...
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