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Public Transportation

I work in HS/HSL. This week someone was almost hit by a bus at Greene and Lombard. That area is so dangerous and now with the hospital’s emergency area on Lombard Street I was wondering if that’s going to be permanent?

Tony Williams, chief of the University Police Force: You can expect changes in that area will be in effect for about two years and it is directly related to the construction of the new Shock Trauma Center. We have put police out there to help with those traffic concerns. We...
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I am a metro rider and use payroll deduction for my monthly pass. Is there any chance the University can work with MTA to create an ongoing pass, so that I don't have to pick up a new pass every month?

Unfortunately there is no pass product in development that is valid for travel beyond a month. We have been told the next advance in fare media will be the ability of the Charm Card to have a commuter benefits loaded on to the card electronically. This should be available before...
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Can we also subsidize commuter passes like some of the other state agencies do?

Kathy Byington (vice president of administration and finance): We do have a subsidized commuter pass program—there are about 400 employees who use it. It is not subsidized to the degree that the state program is. Yes, we are continuing to look at all of that subsidy, as well as the...
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How can the University be supportive of our use of public transportation? Are we thinking creatively of supporting solutions like the rabbit bus from York, Pa.?

We are represented in the discussions related to the proposed Baltimore Red Line. We are also members of the Maryland Transportation Alliance, which is an organization of large employers that has as its mission to increase the use and comfort of public transportation. Yes, we are at the table of...
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