With the exception of self-preservation, can you explain the potential benefits and the potential disadvantages of a merger?

With all due respect to the writer, who has every right to say and ask this, I am not trying to belittle the question. ... When the time comes to give our input, I will give my ideas on our behalf and you can do that individually or in groups....
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Who decides when the school should close early, and on what basis? On Jan. 26 at 3 p.m. the federal government was closing. Somehow UM is staying open. Can you explain the necessity of staying open?

I make the decision based on information provided by the AVP of facilities and operations. The decision is made on the basis of consultation with campus police and the campus snow crew that evaluates the condition on campus of roads and sidewalks. Traveling conditions are also evaluated. Because of the...
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I know that our discrimination policy specifically protects against discrimination based on sexual orientation, but is it possible to work toward including "gender identity and expression" as well?

The policy of the University is stated in the President’s Statement of Equal Opportunity and Affirmative Action, which can be found on the HR website. There it is expressly stated that we do not discriminate on the basis of a wide range of characteristics including gender and sexual orientation. But...
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Do you have an opinion about a policy that could be developed to facilitate a better sharing of indirects? I think one of the barriers to inter-school collaboration is the issue of indirects from grants that are not shared.

What I’m assuming you are talking about is the fact that there are investigators on a grant that come from different schools and how are we going to share the indirects? As Kathy Byington, vice president of administration and finance, told the deans and vice presidents today, we have every...
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Can a department decide “no political pictures”?

How timely! While the University does not have a specific policy regarding display of political pictures or other items, the University’s position is generally to maintain neutrality on political matters. Employees should not feel pressured by supervisors or peers to support a particular political candidate or viewpoint. This can be...
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