This question is regarding the construction in the Pratt Street Garage. My primary clinical work is at University Specialty Hospital (USH). If I have a meeting on campus, I often walk but sometimes need to drive. During construction, I understand that I will first have to go to my usual garage, Penn Street, and then be directed to another garage. This is very inefficient. Could we be allowed to go to one of the peripheral garages to save time? Thanks for taking my question.

Unfortunately a parker can¹t go directly to a peripheral garage. The Department of Parking and Transportation Services has a comprehensive redirection process because of the high parking demand on campus. However, we do believe this is a good time to remind those at the University of the options payroll deduction parkers have during...
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I received an email today wherein daily Saratoga Garage parkers are required to pay $6 for a new permit. Is this something that is going to occur with each garage? Also, we pay $47 biweekly to park in these garages, why are we subjected to an additional fee?

Monthly payroll deduction parkers are not subjected to a fee for a permit. The cost to purchase a pay daily permit is $6 and the permit is good for two years. A pay daily parker will pay the $6 fee to renew the permit when it expires.
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Can we have a gate with a badge scanner installed in the Saratoga Garage so that parking is available to employees on Saturday?

There is another solution that I personally am familiar with. Since I sometimes like to come in on a Saturday or a Sunday to the Saratoga Building and there is a garage that I use since I can't use Saratoga and that is the Lexington Garage, which is just down...
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Would you consider looking at changes to the parking rates based on salary?

Currently, our seven garages require a significant amount of maintenance/upkeep with more than $22 million scheduled for the future. Our program also currently has approximately $20 million in debt service outstanding. Given these two facts, a salary-based parking rate structure would be hard to implement and be fair to all....
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I often have to drive to work and pay the reduced rate in the Saratoga Garage. Is there a way to put a flat dollar amount on my account so that I can swipe my badge when I leave? I currently have to pay directly with cash or credit card.

We are currently working with our vendor to provide this option. We are also hoping to provide the ability to link your access card to a credit card for daily payment or to debit and replenish a predetermined amount. We are hoping to have at least the debit feature available...
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