How is it that there are salary increases for faculty and not staff?

Our University is operating under a single set of guidelines for compensation of faculty and staff as issued by the system and in compliance with current state law. And those guidelines no matter who it is do not allow an increase in the employee's total salary except in case of...
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Can HR take on a detailed study and a publicity campaign of which of our own health professionals are available for treatment to UMB faculty and staff? Specifically can't we get a list on a website of experts who are available for us for everything from diabetes counseling in the School of Pharmacy to dental care?

The campus recently opened an Immediate Care Center at 408 W. Lombard St., which provides health services exclusively to UMB, UPI, and UMMS employees from 7 a.m. to 5 p.m. weekdays. We also have work life strategies, which are part of Human Resources services. They offer lunchtime workshops on nutrition...
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Will you be publicizing the "mandatory" status of PDP evaluations, and how will this be enforced (what consequences will there be for supervisors who do not comply)? Also, have you considered allowing staff to review their supervisors' performance?

I feel very strongly and it's probably the reason I use the word mandatory that everyone needs feedback. I firmly believe that the people who work here want to do the best job possible. For that to happen they need feedback from their supervisors. Not a once a year process...
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Our campus IS a great place to work! We have programs for patients across the state—outreach, etc.—but what are your thoughts about how to improve the wellness programs for faculty and staff on the campus?

Human Resources is spending a good deal of time looking at wellness programs. I admire the School of Pharmacy initiatives like those for walking. I am committed to this idea. I am waiting on the reports from Human Resources about what we can do. It would really help to make...
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Can you address the disturbingly low level of compensation for adjunct faculty at SSW? In addition, why does the University not have some arrangement for inexpensive parking?

Adjunct faculty represent a critically valuable part of the structure providing our wide variety of educational programs. In recognition of the importance of adjunct faculty the University System of Maryland has drafted a new policy on adjunct faculty that is in review now. To accommodate the variety of needs on...
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