Will you be publicizing the "mandatory" status of PDP evaluations, and how will this be enforced (what consequences will there be for supervisors who do not comply)? Also, have you considered allowing staff to review their supervisors' performance?

I feel very strongly and it's probably the reason I use the word mandatory that everyone needs feedback. I firmly believe that the people who work here want to do the best job possible. For that to happen they need feedback from their supervisors. Not a once a year process...
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After three years of furloughs and no pay raises, the staff as a whole needs something to show them that they have value to the institution. Please comment.

This is what I was trying to say when I began my remarks at the staff lunch last week. I know that the lunch is no replacement whatsoever for being compensated appropriately, for dealing with the cost of living. If there are ideas—short of money, until we are authorized the...
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Do you agree that faculty should have a role in evaluating deans, associate deans, assistant deans, and department chairs (as recommended in AAUP guidelines)? In the past 8 years, SON faculty have not had the opportunity to review school leadership.

There is a policy in the University that deans should be evaluated every five years—not just within the AAUP guidelines—called a summative review. It looks like we’ve fallen behind. I have asked Dr. Orlin [vice president for academic affairs] to review the status of decanal reviews. I strongly feel that...
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Can you talk about the annual supervisors evaluation process? Without salary increases or merit increases, the process seems to have been discontinued.

The annual performance development and evaluation process has not been discontinued due to the lack of merit pay increases. Supervisors are encouraged to complete the evaluation process especially during times when there is no merit because these are the times when employees really need feedback because there is no merit...
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