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Employee Benefits

Would it be possible to adopt the policy of being able to accrue more than 400 hours of annual leave? Some other state agencies are allowed to accumulate up to 600 hours.

There is no plan to increase the cap/limit on accrued vacation. There are state offices that allow an employee to accrue up to 600 hours, but upon leaving they are only paid out for 400 hours regardless of the number of hours earned during the year they separate. UM allows...
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Will it ever be possible to change the current policy regarding donating leave?

The University has reviewed the leave structure over the past several years. With the amount of leave that employees can earn and other leave resources such as Advanced and Extended Sick, we believe that the Leave Reserve Fund, the centrally administered leave fund from the University System of Maryland (USM),...
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Can we also subsidize commuter passes like some of the other state agencies do?

Kathy Byington (vice president of administration and finance): We do have a subsidized commuter pass program—there are about 400 employees who use it. It is not subsidized to the degree that the state program is. Yes, we are continuing to look at all of that subsidy, as well as the...
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