Why can't the crime alert reports that come out from the police just go to everyone on campus at the same time instead of coming to those of us who then have to distribute them?

Great question. The system that is in place here, quite frankly, inherently causes the delay. There are two ways to get messages to you. One is through UM Alerts, which sends texts or email via e2campus. Or we can contact you directly through the campus email network. If we use...
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With the VA Medical Center and the hospital right in the middle of our campus can you comment on what the numbers would look like if you added those two? And are there any plans for more of a communication exchange between those institutions and us?

The hospital has its own security force. If something happens crime-wise in that hospital, for our purposes of reporting, those stats would be captured under public property because the University does not own the hospital. In terms of communication, Stephen Moyer, director of security for the Medical Center, and I...
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In keeping with the same point and Dr. Perman's desire to have a positive effect on the surrounding community, on behalf of the Staff Senate, and I think I can speak for the students, too, we'd like to be part of that teamwork. If you have more eyes and ears on the street perhaps we can help you and in the process elevate UMB.

I agree 100 percent. There are a couple mechanisms to do that. We have a Safety Awareness Committee that's comprised of people from all areas of the University. We invite you to become a part of that because not only does that allow us to communicate our information out, but...
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Chief, you alluded to statistics outside the University. In the future would it possible for you to share with us the crime statistics outside the campus so people can get a better picture of where we are?

The answer is yes. We've already begun to work on that [resulting in the Crime Comparison Chart on Page 12 of the December 2011 of the President's Message]. I've personally met with the deputy commissioner of administration from the Baltimore Police Department and we're working on a way to get...
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