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Is the University developing a community involvement inventory, perhaps something similar to Johns Hopkins University's "Community Engagement Inventory"? Such a report would be useful to students, faculty, and the community. It would be an effective communications tool and help the University assess the scope and, to a lesser degree, the quality of engagement.

Our University has a similar database to that of Johns Hopkins. It can be located at http://www.umaryland.edu/offices/government/community/programs/index.html. It is searchable by school and by the Maryland region where the service is delivered. The Office of Government and Community Affairs is working with all of our schools and the Center for...
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Why can't the crime alert reports that come out from the police just go to everyone on campus at the same time instead of coming to those of us who then have to distribute them?

Great question. The system that is in place here, quite frankly, inherently causes the delay. There are two ways to get messages to you. One is through UM Alerts, which sends texts or email via e2campus. Or we can contact you directly through the campus email network. If we use...
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Can a postal drop box be placed in the lobby of the Saratoga Building at the guard's station for mail needing to be delivered to Financial Services upstairs?

If something is urgent enough to be walked across campus for immediate delivery, it doesn’t make sense to then put it in a mailbox that might not get checked more than once a day. If it is not urgent, it can be placed in campus mail. If it is urgent,...
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