I know that our discrimination policy specifically protects against discrimination based on sexual orientation, but is it possible to work toward including "gender identity and expression" as well?

The policy of the University is stated in the President’s Statement of Equal Opportunity and Affirmative Action, which can be found on the HR website. There it is expressly stated that we do not discriminate on the basis of a wide range of characteristics including gender and sexual orientation. But...
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I read with interest your desire for a campus that is “nice.” Would you please define what you mean by nice? In the nursing culture, “nice” often means “weak.”

I’m not sure we need to define nice. We all know what it means. But this business about nice and weak; I’ve been asked that question a million times. I was asked by Childs Walker of The Sun when he interviewed me while I was still in Kentucky before coming...
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Regarding your civility campaign ... will you expand on this a bit to tell us what you have in mind?

I need you all to realize I am dead serious about civility. Why? This goes far beyond being appropriate — we can all agree on the fact that being civil to each other is appropriate. But it deals with how we interact with those we serve. When we are not...
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