I was wondering if it would be possible to build a bridge or a tunnel between the Medical School Teaching Facility (MSTF) and the BioPark?

Since the beginning of the BioPark in 2003, pedestrian crossing of Martin Luther King Jr. Boulevard (MLK) has been the subject of much discussion and study. In addition to weather, pedestrian safety is a major concern as traffic moves at high speeds and pedestrians must cross the street while cars...
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Could the fee for the gym be lowered so that the staff could afford to go? It would help staff deal with stress and anxiety.

There is a program called URecFit and the rates are $360 a year. I understand this is a competitive rate, maybe a low rate for the amenities in the gym at the Campus Center. Free group programs also are offered to members there. Another option is to use the athletic...
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You talk about reaching out from the campus to our community. How do you see our campus here involving those in the community all the way up to Charles Street?

Let’s talk from here to Charles Street—I have met with organizations focused on improving the area to the east of us … Paca Street and Charles Street. In the six years since I’ve been gone, there’s been a little progress. Although I am happy for that, there’s more that needs...
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