There is not a motorcycle parking area outside at the University currently and the parking fee inside a garage is the same exact price as a car. Can something be done about this?

Currently we allow motorcycle parking in all of our garages at our existing rates. In addition there are “motorcycle only” spaces in Saratoga, Lexington, and Plaza garages. We are updating our motorcycle parking procedure to include specific procedures motorcycle riders should follow when entering our garages. A discounted fee for...
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Are there plans to add any additional spaces for small vehicles and bikes and scooters?

Kathy Byington (vice president of administration and finance) said she knows the department has looked before at how many spaces they have dedicated to the smaller vehicles. We’ll look at it again and have someone get back to the questioner.
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The carpool spaces in my garage are always empty. Can we give the priority parking to hybrids, Vespas, Segways, and bicycles?

Participation in the carpool program is slowly increasing. Our TDM (Transportation Demand Management) coordinator continues to add perks to increase interest in carpooling. We are planning to convert a few of the carpool spaces into spaces for hybrid vehicles. We have the city’s first enclosed bike cage located at the...
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I’ve gone to several buildings on campus and found they don’t have any place to lock up a bike. How can we be more bike-friendly?

With gas prices going up again, we think there will be more bikers and those seeking alternate transportation. We’ve been trying to steer bikes into garages where they can be secured; we’ve had some problems of theft with the outside racks. We’ve just put the bike cage in the Pratt...
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