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How is it that there are salary increases for faculty and not staff?

Our University is operating under a single set of guidelines for compensation of faculty and staff as issued by the system and in compliance with current state law. And those guidelines no matter who it is do not allow an increase in the employee's total salary except in case of...
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In the FMLA (Family Medical Leave Act) policy there are provisions for immediate family. Can you look at implementing acceptance for someone in your household who you care for who has a disease?

FMLA is a federal statute that USM follows. Currently FMLA does not grant coverage for domestic partners and same-sex relationships. The law would need to be changed. We're bound to follow the laws that govern our division.
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I was told by my supervisor when traveling for business I can't get reimbursed for any tolls that my E-ZPass pays since a receipt is an issue. I offered to bring in my monthly E-ZPass statement and was told this still would not be acceptable. Is that still the case?

Yes, travelers must attach detailed receipts to support expenses. In general, statements are not considered detailed enough. But in the case of tolls that are paid using the E-ZPass system, the details of the statement are itemized enough to support the expense so they can be used in place of...
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When you close the campus early, for example the Friday before the Memorial Day weekend, why are employees of the law school not allowed to leave?

Now I did not close the University early on that day. Sometimes we have to close the campus for weather-related issues or events like the Baltimore Grand Prix when, yes, it was my decision to close the campus for the first day of the race that Friday. But when people...
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