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Could you give us a quick update on the plans for the old dental school?

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Dr. Perman: The plan, and I know this probably won’t be welcomed by those who have done very good work in that building, is to demolish it within the year. On that site will go our newest research building, Health Sciences Facility III. It will be placed between the pharmacy building, the current School of Dentistry, and the School of Medicine facilities across West Baltimore Street.

Plans for the new facility are under way, being coordinated through a campuswide planning committee. The new facility will offer a plaza where people can enjoy the outdoors and eat lunch. But, obviously it will start with demolition. The state legislature has been responsive in terms of providing us the commitment for demolition and the new building. I think it’s going to go in the next six months or so. A comprehensive look was taken at what could be done with that building short of demolishing it and to repurpose it was not worth it.

Robert Rowan, associate VP, Facilities and Operations: On July 1 we’re going to fence off the building and start the interior abatement and the interior demolition. Oct. 1 is when the actual demolition will start. I’m working with the Office of Communications and Public Affairs to disseminate pertinent information because traffic lane and sidewalk closures are forthcoming that will impact us.

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