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President: Jay A. Perman, MD

President: Jay A. Perman, MD


The University of Maryland is the state’s public academic health, law, and human services university devoted to leadership and excellence in professional and graduate education, research, public service, and patient care.





School Year Founded
School of Medicine 1807
School of Law 1824
Dental School 1840
School of Pharmacy 1841
School of Nursing 1889
Graduate 1918
School of Social Work 1961

Facilities: Located in Baltimore, the campus consists of 71 acres with almost 6 million gross square feet of space in 65 buildings.

STUDENTS - The Future of Care

We award more than 60 percent of all professional practice degrees in Maryland— dental, law, medicine, and pharmacy.


# of students % of total
Undergraduate Total 731 11%
Nurses 584 9%
Dental Hygienists 87 1%
Medical Technologists 60 1%
Prof./Graduate Total 5,664 89%
Nurses 1,124 18%
Social Workers 988 15%
Lawyers 964 15%
Physicians 651 10%
Pharmacists 643 10%
Biomedical 619 10%
Dentists 513 8%
Physical Therapists 162 3%
Total - Fall 2011 6,395 100%
Student Demographics
Female 70%
Male 30%
In-State 74%
Out-of-State 26%
Minorities 36%
African-American 14%
Employment - Fall 2011
Faculty 2,625
Executive/Prof. 2,311
Support Personnel 1,820
Total Regular Employees 6,756
Student Employees 896
Total Employees 7,652


FY 2012 - Sources of Funds
Research and Grants 45%
Clinical (Patient) Care 22%
Research and Clinical Care 67%
State Funds 18%
Tuition & Fees 11%
Auxiliary Fees 4%
Total—$1 Billion 100%


Dramatic Achievements


•Yield - $1,021,792 research dollars per core faculty

Return on Investment

•Yields more than $15 in economic activity for each $1 of state general fund appropriation

•Generates nearly 23,000 jobs

•500 inventions over the last five years

•900 issued and pending patents

•Together with affiliated hospital systems and practices generates over $6 billion in annual economic activity


Students, faculty, and staff provide more than 2 million hours of service annually to citizens throughout Maryland to tutor and mentor, expand access to health care, and increase employment opportunities



•Only School of Medicine faculty admit patients to UMMC hospital

•190,000 patients or 630,000 patient visits per year

•Uncompensated care provided by medical school faculty is over $19 million per year


•Only dental school in Maryland and the largest provider of oral health services to Medicaid children/HIV patients

•35,000 patients and 122,000 patient visits per year

•Uncompensated care provided by Dental School faculty and students is over $2.5 million per year


•Health care for underserved is valued at more than $5 million per year


•Maryland Poison Center: 60,000 calls per year

•1,000 patients served in seven clinics for mental health/developmentally disabled

Social Work:

•600 social work students provide 400,000 hours of care to Maryland citizens annually


•Pro bono legal services valued at over $3 million for the underserved


•Greenebaum Cancer Center selected as a designated cancer center by the National Cancer Institute

•Creation of the Institute for Genome Sciences (IGS) in the University of Maryland BioPark. IGS already has been awarded over $100 million in research funding.

•Licensed 48 technologies in the past two years, including a vaccine developed to protect against Shigella, a bacteria that causes 165 million cases of severe dysentery and over 1 million deathsperyear.Throughthelicense,a$2.5 million, phase 2 clinical trial was commenced in 2009.


Dentistry 3rd NIH Funding FY 2011
Medicine 7th Sponsored Research (Publics) AAMC FY 2010
Law (Part-Time) 9th U.S. News & World Report
 Three specialty law programs in the Top Ten.
Nursing 11th U.S. News & World Report
 Five specialty nursing programs in the Top Ten.
Pharmacy 17th U.S. News & World Report
Physical Therapy 19th U.S. News & World Report
Social Work 16th U.S. News & World Report


•The Maryland General Assembly chartered the College of Medicine in 1807; it is now the nation’s oldest public medical school.

•In 1812, the Maryland General Assembly rechartered the College of Medicine as the University of Maryland and expanded its mission.

•The forerunner of the School of Law, the Maryland Law Institute, was opened in 1824.

•The world’s first dental college, the Baltimore College of Dental Surgery, was chartered in 1840.

•The following year in 1841, the Maryland General Assembly chartered the College of Pharmacy, making it the fourth oldest pharmacy school in the nation.

•In 1898, Louisa Parsons, a colleague of Florence Nightingale, established the School of Nursing, one of the nation’s oldest formal nursing training programs, at the University of Maryland.

•To promote and enhance research, scholarship, and advanced study, the Graduate School opened in 1918.

•In response to growing social and cultural needs, the School of Social Work opened in 1961.

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